4 Examples- How to Use WhatsApp for Business

Have you previously heard of using WhatsApp for Business? Many top brands like Netflix and The World Health Organization make use of WhatsApp for their business activities.

WhatsApp can aid you in multiple business activities, for example;

With WhatsApp, you can increase your customer’s response rates by up to 40%

Effective customer communication is essential in gaining loyal customers and competitive advantage. But do you find it difficult to maintain?

Have you ever wondered why so many customers do not reply to your emails? Or why people unsubscribe from your newsletters? Or why do they not respond to promotional calls?

You can solve these issues by shifting to WhatsApp to maintain customer communication. This can help you increase the number of times a customer responds positively to your messages by up to 40%. This is due to two reasons;

1. People being more open to responding to personal messages rather than calls from unknown numbers,

2. The fact that WhatsApp is more “informal” compared to emails and phone calls.

More efficient customer support

The wide reach of WhatsApp can make it an ideal customer support tool for your business. Have you considered this possibility before?

This can be achieved because;

1. The communication can be more meaningful as it avoids the delays caused by emails

2. Your customers feel more relaxed in texting and can compose each message with proper thought, unlike phone calls where they feel on edge

3. Communication can be carried out in a relatively informal manner which makes both the customer and the customer support employee comfortable.

It can do wonders for marketing and promotion

Do you feel that most of your marketing efforts are ignored by the customer? Do you wonder if your marketing is not getting the response it deserves?

By using WhatsApp for marketing, you can reduce the chances of the promotional material being ignored or sent to spam.

Your marketing can also become more effective because people are more likely to respond to brief texts rather than to lengthy emails.

Additionally, you can share multimedia files as well and keep the promotional activities interactive and fun.

However, ideally you use WhatsApp for marketing to your existing customers since many people do not like receiving such promotions from unknown numbers.

WhatsApp can also aid in Sales
Another very useful way to employ WhatsApp in business is to employ it in sales. This is especially useful for small and online businesses. You can use it to;

WhatsApp can also aid in sales

Another very useful way to employ WhatsApp in business is to employ it in sales. This is especially useful for small and online businesses. You can use it to:

  • Take orders

  • Confirm orders

  • Conduct any follow up communication

  • Inform about the order being ready or shipped

  • And get feedback on the service etc


Do you wish to start using WhatsApp for your business? Conzia is here to help you incorporate and utilize WhatsApp into your business activities in the best manner possible. Sign up now for our free demo and our experts will get in touch with you.

About Conzia

Conzia is a Berlin-based startup. At Conzia, we are establishing a Communications Platform as a Service. Our Platform is user-friendly and flexible enough to integrate 40 plus other messaging CRMs, APIs, CMSs, Marketplaces and thus offer a collated solution for unified and exemplary customer support.

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