How can You Provide Better Customer Service via Messaging Apps?

When was the last time you sent an email to customer support for the Mac you bought online?

Yes, you got it right. We are in the age of the messaging apps revolution, and email is the thing of the past

According to a 2019 Wolfgang Digital E-Commerce KPI report, 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides an option to connect to their customer service via a messaging or chat app.

WhatsApp is clearly the king in messaging apps, with more than 2 billion active users in 180 countries and more than 65 billion messages sent via the app each day. Facebook Messenger occupies the 2nd spot in the list with more than 1.3 billion active users and more than 20 billion messages sent each month.
What do these stats mean for you if you are running an online shop?

Yes, it is really time for you to forget about emails and implement messaging apps in your business.

But why not emails?

Do you know that the open rate for email is only 20% vs. 99% for WhatsApp? Moreover, it takes a user a few minutes to respond via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger vs. more than 90 minutes on average via email. This is not the only benefit. With end-to-end encryption and verified business accounts for WhatsApp, it is easier for the customers to rely on messages exchanged by WhatsApp as compared to email.

With more than 30% of business-related emails landing in spam and with more than 90% phishing attacks arriving via email, the customers nowadays are concerned more than ever about the email. In short, your customers have already moved on to messaging apps, and you should know as well.

WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger: Create an omnichannel customer experience

Have you thought about offering your customers an option on your website to choose from the apps they like the most?

Yes, we are talking about creating an omnichannel customer experience. It is time for you to ride on the huge user base of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users and engage your customers on these apps for not only customer service but also for sales and marketing. The implementation of these messaging channels on your website is very simple. You only need to put the nice looking widgets for these 2 apps via Conzia App on your website and you start talking to your customers immediately.

Is it really that easy?

At Conzia we provide one platform where you can integrate Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in an easy to use web app and answer to all of your customers’ queries via one app.

This will not only save you time from switching between different apps but also keep all of your customers’ databases in one place.

4 reasons you should integrate WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger via Conzia app

  • Conzia App’s basic version is free and will always be free.

  • You can set up Facebook Messenger & Conzia Live Chat on your website in just 2 minutes.
  • We do not need any credit card from you to use the Conzia app.
  • We provide free consulting to help you choose the best messaging apps for your customer service.

You still have more questions.

That is no problem. Get in touch with our experts now and we will be happy to help you.

About Conzia

Conzia is a Berlin-based startup. At Conzia, we are establishing a Communications Platform as a Service. Our Platform is user-friendly and flexible enough to integrate 40 plus other messaging CRMs, APIs, CMSs, Marketplaces and thus offer a collated solution for unified and exemplary customer support.

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