Move From “Customer Satisfaction” to “Customer Happiness.”

Are you still trying to make your customers satisfied? You are on the wrong track.


The days of customer satisfaction are over. If you are still living in that old age and focusing only on making your customers satisfied instead of happy, you miss the big picture.

What should I do instead?

Stop and think over completely the goals of your customer support.

Conversational commerce has entirely changed the way businesses used to approach customer support. If you have an online business and have never heard of conversational commerce, you are already late. But you can act now and start making your customers happy instead of satisfied. We will guide you in this blog step by step on how you can do that.

What exactly is the difference between a satisfied customer and a happy customer?

A satisfied customer might leave you a 5-star review and come back again to buy something else from your e-commerce store. But if your customer is happy, he will not only do the former but also tell other people about your product.

So what should be the goal of your customer support?

Yes, you know the answer. It is “Customer Happiness.”

How can you make your customers happy?

We have a great customer support team, and we reply to all the customer queries within 24 hours.” CMO Papaya Shop

Are you living in 2020?

No, sorry. It is a 1950s style customer support.

What has changed since the emergence of conversational commerce?

Businesses that want to make their customers happy do not wait for any more for the customers to come to them. Yes, you understand now very well. The businesses reach out to the customers proactively and do everything possible to turn them into happy customers.

 Use case

You sell watches online and a customer has been browsing through your products for the last 10 minutes and cannot decide what to order. It is already the time that you reach out to him and suggest a watch similar to what he has in mind.

Can I do that?

Yes, that is easy. You need to deploy a live chatbot on your website which is powered by an AI conversational commerce tool like IBM Watson. The live chatbot will start asking your website visitor questions like what kind of watches he already has, if he is intending to buy the watch as a gift, etc. and then suggest two or three watches from the catalogue based on the answers given by the visitor.

The website visitor likes this interactive experience and after a short chatter with the bot, he decides to buy the watch and clicks on the order button.

Hurrah, the chatbot has just won a sale!

Your customer has experienced a little taste of conversational commerce. But this does not stop here. Your AI tool now has some data as there was a small question and answer session before the customer bought the watch.

This could trigger some automatic follow up messages asking the customer some questions if his expectations were met from the purchase. In case your customer has any issues, your customer support team can work to address these concerns proactively.


You are proactively approaching the customer and solving the problems before they arise.

Future of AI-Powered chatbots

Our research shows that by the end of 2025, 67% of the customers’ queries for eCommerce will be taken over by AI. Are you already working on integrating the latest AI tools into your customer support systems?

If not, you need to act fast.

AI-powered bots are not a thing of the past. They have already taken over 100% of conversations with customers in some industries such as finance, banking, insurance, and others in less complicated scenarios. But we believe that the technology in the coming years will replace the human element from customer support up to 79%.

About Conzia

Conzia is a Berlin-based startup. At Conzia, we are establishing a Communications Platform as a Service. Our Platform is user-friendly and flexible enough to integrate 40 plus other messaging CRMs, APIs, CMSs, Marketplaces and thus offer a collated solution for unified and exemplary customer support.

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