WhatsApp: A new Norm to Sell Online in 2020

Starting a chat with your customers has never been so easy!

As businesses across the world prepare to re-open and expand online, you need simple ways for your customers to search you online and ask questions about your product, get information or find something they want to buy from your online shop. Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has introduced two new features aimed at helping businesses stay in touch with their customers and allowing them to easily showcase their products.

WhatsApp aims to support more than 50 million WhatsApp Business app users. The new feature also helps the thousands of larger businesses on the WhatsApp Business API to get discovered online easily.

 Image source: WhatsApp

Starting a chat by using QR codes

Earlier when customers came across ads for a new shop or store in their locality, they had to add the contact numbers to get in touch with them. But now with WhatsApp’s new feature, buyers can simply scan the QR code that a business displays on its storefront, product packaging, or receipt to start a conversation. Scanning a QR code will open a chat with an optional pre-populated message created by the business to start the conversation. The businesses can quickly send back information such as their catalog to get the conversation going. Sounds easy? You can access the new feature using the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API. 

Sharing business catalogs has never been so easy

Facebook highlighted how catalogs have become a popular way for people to engage with businesses on WhatsApp, stating that 40 million people view a business catalog each month on the platform. So, WhatsApp makes it simpler for businesses to share the catalogs of their products as links on websites, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere they want. You can share links with your family and friends simply by copy-pasting the link. Catalog links are available globally.

Things are rapidly changing!

While the road ahead for businesses will be long and challenging, especially after a pandemic, as they adjust to a new reality, Whatsapp looks forward to supporting them. Always taking advantage of being first, WhatsApp has grown even more, especially during the pandemic. The increase in the use of Whatsapp was 27% in the first period of Coronavirus quarantine started, and it continued in the following period as 41%. 

It is now time for your business to integrate WhatsApp for Business and reach out to your customers via WhatsApp. Register for a free demo now and we will be in touch with you.

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