Move to Messaging Apps to Transform Your Customer Experience

Consumers love the intimacy and speed of mobile messaging.

Every business strives to offer great customer service, but consumers are becoming increasingly critical of the service they receive. When your customer isn’t happy, you can quickly result in lost sales. Research shows 62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a certain company because of poor service.

Consumers have shown that they prefer rich media messaging over plain text. For enterprises, it has moved them past the simple one-way text alerts to true two-way communication. Think about it. As things stand, a customer wanting to report an issue with a service is faced with a pretty terrible customer journey. They have to call up, explain the issue, note down reference numbers, or download an entirely separate app and do it that way. Neither is ideal.

But what if reporting the problem was as easy as sending a message? It might sound too good to be true, but some brands already have that facility, like certain banks. With social media, you can connect in real-time, up to the second, with anyone. That’s the new wave in forward-thinking customer service!

Social media customer service

As mobile device usage grows due to the pandemic, consumers are increasingly reliant on social media apps to communicate with friends and families. For example, WhatsApp alone has more than 1 billion users sending over 65 billion messages per day.

Social media customer service is an organized system of providing customer support through social media platforms. Ultimately, the primary goal is to give your clients an easy and enjoyable customer experience, which helps retain and grow your business.

4 ways to improve customer service through social media

1. Answer questions promptly
2. Kind gestures and appreciation to customers
3. Separate support or service accounts
4. Ask for feedback

Meeting customer expectations

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically in the last few years. To deliver a successful customer experience , companies need:

  • meet consumers where they are

  • know them and their needs

  • connect them to the right expertise to quickly resolve their issues.

Messaging enhances all these capabilities. To meet consumer expectations and engender greater brand loyalty, businesses need to make messaging a central part of their customer service mix.Do you want to enhance your customer experience as well? We got you!
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About Conzia

Conzia is a Berlin-based startup. At Conzia, we are establishing a Communications Platform as a Service. Our Platform is user-friendly and flexible enough to integrate 40 plus other messaging CRMs, APIs, CMSs, Marketplaces and thus offer a collated solution for unified and exemplary customer support.

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